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I Can’t Afford My Medication

afford my medication
05 Nov 2017

I Can’t Afford My Medication

The United States is the richest and most advanced country in the world, but many families are being crushed by debt and this makes getting your medication a nightmare for many people. The phrase has become all too common in recent years:

I can’t afford my medication.

Where do you turn when you simply don’t have enough money to buy your prescriptions? What if those prescriptions are life-saving drugs that you have to purchase? If you’re uninsured, underinsured, or in the Medicare donut hole, not all hope is lost. There are Prescription Assistance Programs out there that help many individuals and families in desperate situations that truly need help.

Relief From Prescription Drug Costs

If you can’t afford your medication, Prescription Assistance 123 was created for you. We’re a team of experts in the prescription drug industry with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of all prescription assistance programs offered directly by drug manufacturers. We understand the struggle that many families are facing when it comes to rising prescription drug costs. It’s an unfair burden on those that need assistance the most and we’re here to provide that relief.

To be accepted into a prescription assistance program (PAP), and the applicant must be eligible and submit all required paperwork. It’s a time consuming and detail oriented process that needs to be done properly otherwise your application is denied. Our patient advocates have years of experience with a high success rate for getting applicants accepted into the PAP.

Are you ready for relief from prescription drug costs? We believe that everyone should be able to afford their medication, regardless of costs. If you’re paying too much and your prescription drug budget is eating into your essential family expenses, it’s time that we talk. Our patient advocates are only a phone call away, just dial (888) 507-9123 to connect with us at your convenience.

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