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Cost of Health Insurance in 2018

cost of health insurance
30 Oct 2017

Cost of Health Insurance in 2018

From the looks of it, 2018 is not a good year for healthcare costs. On average, the price of many Obamacare health insurance plans will rise, according to an Avalere Health analysis of the situation. This will undoubtedly also fuel the continued rise of medication costs, causing more people to search for Prescription Assistance Programs that can help. The health insurance premiums under Obamacare are forecast to increase for a number of reasons. In 2018 it is crucial for patients to have complete and unhindered access to all the prescription assistance programs offered directly by drug manufacturers for the most popular name-brand medicines.

Why Are Health Insurance Costs Rising?

Healthcare prices are forecast to explode in 2018, but why is this happening? Most importantly, it comes down to two main reasons. Continued uncertainty in Obamacare markets about the future of healthcare as a whole, and the Trump administration’s threats and eventual decision to cut off key payments to insurers are fueling the higher prices. While the President is doing everything in his power to ensure that Obamacare fails, this is creating a burden for millions of patients that are still insurers by the Obama-era healthcare plans. What can you do to help yourself and your family in this situation?

Here at Prescription Assistance 123, our mission is to make sure that you can afford your monthly medication. If paying for your prescriptions is draining your finances, then you may be a good candidate for the many prescription assistance programs that are available. Our patient advocates can assess your situation and let you know if you’re eligible. We will guide you through the application process from start to finish so that you’re set-up to be accepted into the Prescription Assistance Program.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 507-9123 so we can help you. Don’t allow rising health insurance costs to be the reason you can’t afford your medication!

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