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Do Prescription Assistance Programs Really Work?

Do Prescription Assistance Programs Really Work_
24 Sep 2018

Do Prescription Assistance Programs Really Work?

In our experience, we’ve seen Prescription Assistance Programs work miracles and allow people to afford their medication in situations that would otherwise not be possible. There are many scenarios where patients can’t afford their medication, and a PAP is the last line of defense. One of the most popular situations we deal with is the coverage gap in the Medicare donut hole. A Prescription Assistance Program can come in to cover the expenses during this time period if the patient does not have sufficient funds to do it himself.

Who is Eligible for Prescription Assistance?

Also, uninsured patients are prime candidates for getting accepted into a PAP, or patients on a fixed and limited income. To best way to find out your chances of getting into a PAP is to contact our Patient Advocates. We will break down the entire process and let you know which Prescription Assistance Program you or a loved one are eligible for. Prescription Assistance Programs really work and have improved the lives of countless people across the country.

Our team excels in maneuvering the application process directly with drug manufacturers to lower the cost of your medication. With years of experience in this area, we are confident about getting our applicants accepted into the Prescription Assistance Program of their choice. Our mission is to assist men and women in getting the prescription drugs they need to function and live their daily lives. Financial matters should never be a barrier to being able to afford your medication. If you’re in this situation and don’t see a way out, please contact our Patient Advocates at 888.344.8915 and let’s see how our team of experts can help.