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Who is Eligible for Prescription Assistance?

Who is Eligible for Prescription Assistance
07 Oct 2018

Who is Eligible for Prescription Assistance?

As prescription drug prices continue to increase, more and more people are searching for prescription assistance. There are many factors that are taken into account when you apply to a Prescription Assistance Program (PAP). For people that are on a low or fixed income, are uninsured, or underinsured, you may very well qualify for acceptance into a Prescription Assistance Program. There are no guidelines that are set in stone because each PAP offered by a drug manufacturer is different. Luckily, our Patient Advocates are well-versed in the requirements in each of the most popular PAP’s offered directly by drug manufacturers of your brand-name medicine.

Prescription Assistance Program Eligibility

Your Prescription Assistance Program eligibility starts with correctly filling out all of the necessary paperwork on your application. Our team of experts is here to assist you in the process, along with submitting the application and getting all of the necessary authorizations done. This process ensures the highest approval rates so you can quickly start receiving your prescription medication at a cost you can afford. This cost could mean getting the medication for free if you qualify, so it is important that everything is filled out correctly.

If you’re a senior citizen, are on disability, or in the Medicare donut hole, then you’re the perfect candidate for a prescription assistance program. If you’re searching for a PAP on behalf of a loved one, we recommend contacting our Patient Advocates at 888.344.8915 as soon as possible to begin the application process. You won’t know if you’re eligible for prescription assistance unless you take the initiative to find out and reach out for help.