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LEVEMIR Prescription Assistance Programs

levemir prescription assistance program
19 Nov 2017

LEVEMIR Prescription Assistance Programs

There are many man-made forms of insulin used by diabetics to control their blood sugar levels, but Levemir is one of the best at slowly lowering those levels. It’s a popular drug that countless Americans depend on, but Levemir prices are rising each year. Why would such a much-needed insulin medication continue to increase in cost year-by-year? The blame can’t just be assigned to Levemir because all insulin is expensive and it used to not be that way.

Between 2002 and 2013, insulin prices tripled, making this life-saving medication unaffordable for many Americans. Families were left with a decision to make: spend your paycheck on insulin, or suffer the health consequences. Luckily, we’re connected with Levemir prescription assistance programs that can save you hundreds of dollars per month on insulin pricing.

Why is Levemir so Expensive?

The formula for rising insulin costs is simple: competitors are raising the drug prices in step with one another, and without proper regulation, this can spread like wildfire. For those that can’t afford Levemir but desperately need it, our patient advocates are here to help. Maybe you’re underinsured or in the Medicare donut hole. Perhaps you’re uninsured and can’t afford hundreds of dollars per month on insulin. Levemir prescription assistance programs can save you time and money if you’re accepted into the program.

However, navigating the application process is not always so easy. With years of experience, our patient advocates are here to take care of all of the paperwork needed to enter the Levemir prescription assistance program. You don’t have to worry about missing documentation, signatures, or paperwork, we’ll take care of it from start to finish to ensure that you’re accepted into the PAP.

Contact us today at 888.344.8915 to get the process started. We’re ready to provide you with the proper guidance and support so that you can afford your insulin once again. Why suffer without this life-saving drug when you can be part of the Levemir prescription assistance program?