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Patient Assistance for Pradaxa Prescriptions

Patient Assistance for Pradaxa Prescriptions
31 Aug 2019

Pradaxa is an important drug for many Americans because its an anticoagulant used to treat and prevent blood clots. If you have a history of prior blood clots, your doctor may very well prescribe Pradaxa for you to take. The only problem is that the cost of Pradaxa can reach upwards of $400 for 60 capsules, which makes it cost-prohibitive for many families that don’t have insured, are underinsured, or find themselves in the Medicare donut hole. What should you do if this happens to you? The answer lies in patient assistance for Pradaxa prescriptions. We have been helping those on a fixed income and the elderly in getting their Pradaxa prescriptions for an affordable cost delivered right to your door every single month.

Prescription Assistance for Pradaxa

As an effective prescription blood thinner, Pradaxa makes lives easier for those suffering from blood clots and similar conditions. Now with assistance from a Pradaxa patient assistance program, you can afford this crucial medication without breaking the bank. For people with the medical condition atrial fibrillation, the reduced risk of strokes and blood clots after taking Pradaxa as prescribed is especially noted.

If you’re interested in Patient Assistance for Pradaxa, contact one of our patient advocates right now to start the application process. This medication can be delivered right to your door and we will handle all the paperwork. Simply call 888-344-8915 to connect with our specialists and we will be happy to assist you.