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Prescription Assistance for Diabetics

Prescription Assistance for Diabetics
11 Feb 2018

Prescription Assistance for Diabetics

Most diabetics have to regularly take insulin which is necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. While the word “insulin” can instill fear in people that are diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll have to prepare and come to terms with the fact that your body needs help in producing the right amount of insulin. Once your doctor tells you what kind of insulin you need (short-acting vs. long-acting), then getting the medication at an affordable price becomes a challenge for many people. If you’re underinsured, uninsured, on a limited income, or in the Medicare “donut hole”, then buying your insulin can break your bank. Prescription assistance for diabetics is available for those patients that quality and are accepted into a Prescription Assistance Program.

Finding Affordable Insulin

Prescription assistance for diabetics makes the process of finding affordable insulin easier than ever before. Our team at Prescription Assistance 123 works directly with insulin manufacturers to offer low-cost (sometimes free) medication. Untreated diabetes causes a variety of health problems that can include heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. For diabetics in the United States, finding affordable insulin that you can rely on every month is extremely important.

While diabetes has no cure, by taking the right amount of insulin, you can safely manage your symptoms to live a long and healthy life. Our patient advocates at Prescription Assistance 123 are ready to assist you in finding affordable insulin. Once you’re regularly taking your medication for diabetes, the glucose from food will be efficiently used as energy with the help of insulin. Prescription assistance for diabetics makes the needed drugs accessible for many people that would otherwise go untreated. To begin your Prescription Assistance Program application process, give us a call at 888.344.8915 and let’s get started.