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Prescription Assistance Programs for Inhalers

Prescription Assistance Programs for Inhalers
26 Nov 2017

Prescription Assistance Programs for Inhalers

An inhaler, sometimes known as a “puffer”, is a medical device used for delivering medication quickly into the body through the lungs. It’s most commonly used in treating and managing asthma-related symptoms. For many people, these handy devices are a lifesaver, while for others they provide great relief from dangerous asthma symptoms. The unfortunate downside is that inhalers can get pricey – especially if you’re uninsured, underinsured, or in the Medicare donut hole. With the help of prescription assistance program for inhalers, you can save money so that you’re not financially strained because of your asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Saving Money on Asthma Inhalers

The wheezing and cough that comes with having asthma is best controlled and prevented by using an inhaler. But what if you can’t afford one? Saving money on asthma inhalers is not easy if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, our patient advocates are experienced in helping YOU, the patient, save money. We assist you (or your loved one) into being accepted for the Patient Assistance Program, which offers a lower cost of brand-name medicine such as inhalers.

These patient assistance programs (PAP’s) are offered directly by the manufacturer of the brand-name medicine. Our assistance comes in filling out all the necessary paperwork, sending out the application, and making sure that you receive your medication at an affordable cost.

One in 20 adults and one in 10 children are affected by the wheeze and cough of asthma, so it’s important to treat these symptoms effectively regardless of the cost. Don’t allow expensive prescription drug prices to keep you or your family from being healthy. As long as you use your asthma inhaler when it’s needed, it can mean fewer side effects and more effective treatment. If you’re interested in more information on prescription assistance programs for inhalers, contact us at (888) 507-9123 to speak with an experienced patient advocate.

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