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Prescription Assistance for Uninsured Families

Prescription Assistance for Uninsured Families
14 Sep 2019

For families that don’t have insurance, getting prescription medication can be a nightmare. Many prescriptions can cost hundreds of dollars, draining the family budget quickly. What should you do in this situation? For many men and women, this is very serious because some medication you simply must take, otherwise, there may be severe health consequences. It’s not an option to skip out on your treatment when the doctor prescribes a drug and tells you to take it. The solution for getting prescriptions for uninsured people comes in the form of a Prescription Assistance Program.

Drug Prescriptions for Uninsured Individuals

Not everyone knows that there is help available if you need drug prescriptions for uninsured individuals. Patient Assistance Programs are offered directly to patients by drug manufacturers of the name brand medicine you are ordered to take as prescribed by the doctor. Getting accepted into a Prescription Assistance Program for uninsured families can seem a little difficult. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out, and an application you need to submit.

You should follow up on the application process and make sure all documentation is submitted correctly. To avoid all this headache and to be certain you will have the highest chance for approval, contact us Patient Advocates and we will guide you through the whole application process. We have helped many people receive prescription assistance for uninsured families. Contact us at 888-344-8915 to speak with our experts on how you can be a part of the Patient Assistance Program for your brand name medication.