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Are Prescription Drugs Covered by Medicare?

Are Prescription Drugs Covered by Medicare?
07 Jan 2018

Are Prescription Drugs Covered by Medicare?

One of the most common questions we see asked over and over again is: are prescription drugs covered by Medicare? The answer is more complicated than expected, as many people are in the Medicare “donut hole” and lack much needed prescription drug coverage for their medication. Once you hit a certain monetary limit for the cost of your medication, you’re often in a coverage gap (donut hole) where you’ll have to pay the full price of your medication. Medicare Part D plans are helpful in easing the burden of prescription costs for seniors over 65 or certain people with disabilities, but they are far from perfect. If your prescription drugs are not covered by Medicare, there is relief available for those situations in the form of a Prescription Assistance Program.

Does Medicare Cover Prescription Drugs

The Medicare Part D Plan was created specifically to cover prescription drug costs and offers benefits through subsidizing the costs. The donut hole – this period when patients must pay the full cost of prescription medication – can be alleviated if you enter a Prescription Assistance Program. Our Patient Advocates have been helping Medicare recipients for years in lowering the cost of medication during the infamous coverage gap period.

Prescription drug coverage for Medicare members is only available if you have access to the Part “D” plan or Medicare Advantage Plan Part “C” that includes prescription coverage. Enrolling in a Prescription Assistance Program is easy if you know what you’re doing. Let us take the guesswork out and our experts will fill out all the necessary paperwork properly so that you’re accepted into the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) as quickly as possible. If you or a loved one are interested in free to low-cost medication that otherwise would burden you with hundreds of dollars per month, contact one of our Patient Advocates today at 888.344.8915.