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How Discounts for Prescription Medication Work

How Discounts for Prescription Medication Work
22 Feb 2020

Prescription assistance is specifically meant for people who are struggling to pay for their medications, are paying out of pocket for their medications, don’t have insurance because it is too expensive, or are on Medicare and in the “donut hole”. RX123 was specifically created for people who are struggling to pay for their prescriptions medications. We offer assistance to individuals who cannot afford their medication. Here at RX123, we have devoted patient advocates who facilitate this process for you.

How Can You Get Assistance?

Prescription assistance 123 offers our assistance by facilitating the process with multiple pharmaceutical companies. We assist by filling out the proper applications provided by the drug manufacturers and ensuring they are received once completed. We are here to be your advocate.

During the initial consultation, we will gather your information and prefill your application for you. Once the application is nearly completed, we will then send it out to you. All that is required of you after that is for you to sign the necessary sections and return the paperwork back to us. Once we have received the completed documents, we will confirm that all information is correct. We then send out the application to the corresponding pharmaceutical company all the while staying in contact with you every step of the way to safeguard the process goes quickly and with ease. Each assistance program has its own rules, but generally, each person must be a United States Citizen, meet the income requirement, and be paying out of pocket for medications. Once the application is received, it will normally take 7-10 days for the product to make its way to you.

Prescription assistance helps with a wide variety of different medications including Symbicort, Vyvanse, Bydureon, Advair, Zyprexa, Combivent, Humulin, Levemir, Cymbalta, Toujeo, Lyrica, Victoza, Vigamox, Lantus, Novolog, Pradaxa, Concerta, Celebrex, Travatan, Novolin, Viagra, Humira, Januvia, Dulera, Androgel Granules, Strattera, Proair, Humalog, Cialis, and Vimpat just to name some of them. Some select programs are also obtainable for acne medications, HIV and Aids medications, Diabetic supplies, infant formulas, diet medications, antibiotics, cancer medications, and hormone therapy.

For men, women, and families who are uninsured, underinsured, or in the Medicare donut hole, you can be a candidate for a prescription assistance program. We truly want all applicants to get accepted as quickly as possible and we will do whatever possible to make that happen for you and to achieve this goal. For more information or to get started in your application process, you can contact us at 888-344-8915. Get the help you need today and let’s get started on your prescription assistance as soon as possible. Now is the time to get the assistance you deserve in a hassle freeway. Let us be your advocate for you through this process!