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Is Prescription Assistance 123 a Legitimate Company?

Is Prescription Assistance 123 a Legitimate Company
01 Mar 2020

Paying for prescription medication can add up quickly and become very expensive. Trying to find ways to pay for paying for the medications can feel near impossible at times. Fortunately, for those who need help paying for prescription medications now have a way to get assistance in order to make these medications much more affordable for you. Prescription assistance is much more attainable than you may have previously thought.

But what if you are worried about giving out your personal information? What if it gets into the wrong hands? Does a prescription assistance program really work? Is it legitimate?

What is Prescription Assistance 123?

RX123 was specifically created for people who are struggling to pay for their prescriptions medications. Whether you are paying out of pocket, are on Medicare, or don’t have any insurance you can receive your medications through the drug companies many patient assistance programs. Prescription assistance 123 offers our assistance by facilitating the process with multiple pharmaceutical companies. We assist by filling out the proper applications provided by the drug manufacturers and ensuring they are received once completed. We are here to be your advocate.

During the initial consultation, we will gather your information and prefill your application for you. Once the application is nearly completed, we will then send it out to you. All that is required of you after that is for you to sign the necessary sections and return the paperwork back to us. Once we have received the completed documents, we will confirm that all information is correct. We then send out the application to the corresponding pharmaceutical company all the while staying in contact with you every step of the way to safeguard the process goes quickly and with ease.

Is RX123 Legitimate?

The answer is yes. We are a legitimate service that is offered to those who really need our help. Our employees always strive for excellence and treat confidentiality and HIPPA regulations with the highest importance, as it is our duty to uphold them on behalf of our clients. Our duties also extend to our disclosure protocol and no personal information, including medical records, will ever be shared with any other entity without your consent. Our use and disclosure policy generally includes your physician, pharmacist, or any pharmaceutical manufacturers that provide your prescriptions. We take industry-standard measures in protecting your information in the most secure manner. Prescription assistance really does work. The applications that you fill our come directly from the drug manufacturers that make your medications. All you have to do is qualify. Each assistance program has its own rules, but generally, each person must be a United States Citizen, meet the income requirement, and be paying out of pocket for medications.

For those who are uninsured, underinsured, or in the Medicare donut hole, you can be a candidate for a prescription assistance program. We truly want all applicants to get accepted as quickly as possible and we will do whatever possible to make that happen for you and to achieve this goal and keep your personal information safe. For more information or to get started in your application process, you can contact us at 888-344-8915. Get the help you need today and let’s get started on your prescription assistance as soon as possible.